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Anti-Counterfeit Services

We help manufacturers to protect their products from counterfeits / fakes. Using our two major interfaces – and – we help the end users to ensure the products they purchase are always original. We are the pioneers in bringing in this service to the world back in 2008 and successfully servicing many manufacturers today.

A product protected by DBSSPL through its service at IsOriginalProduct.Com cannot be counterfeited. Any manufacturer who really needs to be protected from counterfeits shall use our service at a very reasonable cost. This is a perfect system that will protect manufacturers and consumers.

The system is very simple and foolproof. The only way to end the counterfeiting or sale of fake products is to allow the consumers to verify what they purchased. That is what is achieved by IsOriginalProduct.Com and IsOriginalMedicine.Com. We enhanced the service with an SMS interface for universal access for customers. We empower the end users or consumers to verify if what they purchased are original.

A protection by IsOriginalProduct.Com is a value addition to the product as consumers who buy them are safe as even in the incident of purchasing a counterfeit or fake product we are replacing it with original free of any additional cost. As 100s, 1000s, or 10000s of units are checked by consumers every day from random locations counterfeit products cannot survive in the long run.

Counterfeit products are unregulated and unsafe. Every year thousands of consumers living and working across the globe suffer accidents and injuries as a result of unregulated counterfeit products. Many of these products have been purchased unwittingly by consumers. Unfortunately, 3000 consumers lose their lives every year as a result of their exposure to dangerous counterfeit products.

Earlier manufacturers were reluctant to allow the end users to verify a product for genuineness. But today it is getting a widely accepted practice for the manufactures who care for their customers to allow the end user to verify the product they purchased. This is 100% safe with our systems as we never depend on the manufacturers supply chain or bringing in any liability to the manufactures in the unfortunate situation of finding a counterfeit product in the market. Both, the end user’s and the manufacturer’s interest are protected by our system.

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