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EDMS for Branch Consolidation

Do you have business or operations in multiple branches / locations and each branch using their operational freedom within the framework of the company guidelines and each of them operating with or without an IT Infrastructure at the branches and have you ever wondered if a consolidation of branch operations could be done without scrapping the existing infrastructure or going for an expensive application network?

If you ever want to consolidate branch operations we are the right people with right tools to achieve it with minimum or no changes in the existing IT infrastructure. Our EDMS system with a well defined and customizable data forms will achieve the wonders for you without any heavy workload of data entry at branch level.

Our solution is not about switching into a new application, but it is about complimenting your existing infrastructure with an add on that will handle the consolidation for the corporate office. The EDMS backbone is capable of collecting branch records and consolidate relevant data for the corporate office.

We have a group of experts that will look into the feasibility of resolving your branch consolidation issue. The EDMS also have a workflow management system built in so that document routing can be easily achieved for resources or authorities distributed or centralized in head quarters.

Major Advantages

  1. Easy document routing for processing and approval between branches and corporate office.
  2. Normal E-Mail updates from branches does not create a consolidation. But this system is capable of data consolidation and presentation.
  3. Data entry is limited to key data fields and the data will be authenticated by supporting document image.
  4. Highly scalable. Expansion in implementation base or application level shall be easily achieved.
  5. Customized MIS from consolidated branch data.
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