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EDMS (General)

Simple Filer is an EDMS tool that can be used to organize, store, and retrieve any type of computer files. Any type of digital documents can be stored using Simple Filer and retrieved very fast using indexes. Filing of digital documents was never that easy in the past.

Simple Filer is not about just storing files in Electronic Medias but it also takes care of organizing, indexing and retrieval. Workflow automation was never been so simple. Facility for writing irreversible file notes makes this product reliable and a true friend to the users.

Computers are underutilized in most of the offices. The machines with ever growing computing power are used like glorified typewriters – typing a document and taking a print on paper. We heard a lot about the concept of paperless office for long but most of the small and medium offices could not achieve it. Using Simple Filer you will be able to achieve a paperless office – at least to the extent of 85% – successfully. Over and above the convenience it also keeps your documents safe. It is almost impossible to keep an exact copy of your physical files stored in office but it is so simple once the documents are digital or on electronic media.

The interfaces of SimpleFiler are so simple as we had your filing systems in mind. They are designed to meet your requirements. We made technology work for you instead of taking you and turning you to the technological requirements. The system is so flexible and customizable at user end to meet filing needs of each department. The indexing system is very flexible but at the same time designed to ensure to follow the discipline in filing process. Authorized users at corporate level has full and complete access to the entire filing system throughout the branches. Built in workflow management, messaging system, digital diary, card holder, etc. makes the system so useful. You will also love SimpleFiler as launchpad for other web applications.

Advantages with SimpleFiler:

  • Easy access to documents: When a document on paper is scanned it becomes accessible from any computer by an authorized employee. If permitted files can be used from remote locations. So easy to share a document with a consultant or staff at a remote location.
  • Work-flow management: Stop carrying files and documents from table to table. Authorized users can push the document to next level or return to previous level.
  • Handling any type of digital or converted-digital files.
  • Save 85% of your storage space: Save your expensive office space and store them in remote location or destroy irrelevant physical documents as you are carrying a copy any way.
  • Easy backup process: It is almost impossible for you to keep a backup of your physical files, but it is so easy for digital files.
  • Extensive indexing facility, yet lot of flexibility in filing and searching.
  • Cost saving; installing SimpleFiler means you need less office space, less papers, less time in handling documents.
  • Irreversible file notes: Ensure the authority who authorized a process or activity.
  • Better security – minimized or no handling of physical files. And access to digital file is direct to the authority and maintaining full audit trail on who, when, and how accessed the files.
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