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Should you re-brand a product? That is a tough question to answer. Major branded products – including DBSSPL - always prefer you sell in their own brand names so that it will promote the trust in the brand name of the product and will be useful in addressing a better and progressive market. But if you are already carrying a local brand name with existing customers for your branded products or services and if you do not prefer to introduce another brand name to your customers under your service roofing you may consider re-branding a product for you. A modern, strategic and effective re-brand communicates that your company is able to proactively adapt and convey a sense of stability. Re-branding a product in IT sector is to be carefully considered and concluded.

We have specific reasons to allow re-branding in EDMS sector. When the success of an EDMS implementation mostly depend on the local service availability we thought of allowing local brands promote our EDMS in their brand name. This is mainly useful when your potential customers are already happy with your brand name and services. May be you are already supporting a business process for your customers and you may want to introduce and EDMS as part of the existing solution. Otherwise you are in a process of building your own brand and like to promote an EDMS but not willing to spend time on development of the solution. Here you can lookout for a re-branding an existing EDMS from a reliable team. These are some of the areas where you may consider re-branding SimpleFiler for you.

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