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SimpleFiler for Bidding and Trading

Suppliers of industrial equipments and components, plants, job works, etc. need to handle a very complicated. high volume and demanding filing system. Many of the major industries do insist that the related documents should be available on demand for twenty years or more. Many documents need to be maintained with reference to the supplier and the customer.

When you need to maintain multiple reference to same document it results in copying the documents and results in additional filing works. It will also open chances for all complications related to redundancy of documents. Getting the documents organized is a major task.

A normal bidding procedure has customer inquiry, RFQ to suppliers, supplier offer, comparison charts, quotation to customer, customer purchase order, purchase order to suppliers, material receipt report, quality approval, delivery note, invoice, etc. Usually all these activities are taking place over a period of time resulting in creating and maintaining multiple files. When you handle one of these documents many a times you need supporting documents for reference. For example when you see a customer invoice if you wanted to know the whole picture you need to track records from customer inquiry onwards. What if you will get it at the click of a ‘Link’ button! We achieved more in our EDMS specially tuned for bidding and trading companies.

Major advantages from using our EDMS system for Bidding and Trading Companies

  1. Quick implementation: The implementation will take only 10 to 15 days and it can be done either on internet or local platforms.
  2. Less data entry: This system need only very little data entry (5% of normal application systems). The images of documents are scanned and maintained with updated index keys. It ensure easy data capture and less errors.
  3. High flexibility: The system is highly flexible with multiple level indexing features that are user defined. Our team will handle all this in the implementation level.
  4. Freedom of operation: This system does not restrict the freedom currently enjoyed by your sales staff. That is the biggest advantage in implementing this system. Instead of controlling them through an application we are capturing what is done and presenting to the management for review and control.
  5. Very little workload: Our system does not increase the workload of the sales personal. We need to keep their attention in sales.
  6. Excellent organizing skills: A document can be virtually available in multiple folders. This makes locating a document, and retrieval so easy and simple. You can see all documents related with one bid in a single view and at same time each of the documents are available in the respective folders.
  7. Administrative control: Knowledge is power. The sales head need to know how his team is performing. Our EDMS is an excellent tool for monitoring and you can drill down to more details of each bid.


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