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SimpleFiler for Builders

Multiple projects, 100s or 1000s of customers, 1000s of drawings and specifications; and no one knows when somebody is going to ask for one of the documents – drawings, specifications or customer documents like a change order or anything else. Even if you are marking a prime area in the office and adapted best filing practices it will take lot of your time, effort, and expensive space in maintaining these documents and still retrieving one of these documents in future can be a difficult task. There are many constrains with the manual filing system; the retrieval itself needs people with expertise, users have to wait for documents, critical documents are limited to one copy, and copying is expensive and maintaining copies are another filing problem.

Implementing a suitable solution based on IT is the only way out. A system that will manage storing and sharing of the documents in the controlled environment and authorized users and that is capable of handling the workflow of these documents will resolve the problems with storing, sharing, and retrieving documents.

Success of application of Information Technology (IT) in every industry is achieved when it helps the industry to manage their procedures better, faster, and easier. Making an IT system really working for the industry need the right way of data capturing, processing, and reporting built into the system. This was in our mind when we had been venturing into creating an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for builders.

Usually implementation and usage of computer systems for a construction company effectively is very difficult using normal applications and interfaces like office suits, emails, spreadsheets, and hardware equipment. Many use computers as glorified typewriters and the final output is directed to a paper through a printer. These use only a very little percentage of the efficiency of the computes and the right utilization is possible only with the help of the right IT application.

There are many tools available for construction industry that helps them with designing, estimation, monitoring, calculation, communication, etc. But many a times the outputs from all of these are on papers and thereafter the users end up handling the papers. This is the situation formed the foundation of our specialized EDMS for builders. It will work as a document manager who is capable or organizing, maintaining and supplying the documents on demands to the authorized users. The system not only keeps the documents organized but also maintains the workflow. It will carry the documents to the next level every time in the process.

Our EDMS for builders will deliver high value from the proposal stage to work initiation and finishing. It even carries an interface for each customers / buyers / property owners.

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